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This site is for Honda & Clone engine owners who are searching for information or a supplier of replacement & performance parts for the Honda 5.5HP & 6.5HP engine also known as a Honda GX160 & Honda GX200 engine. As well as genuine Honda stationary engines, we also have a range of spare parts & small engine hot up parts for the Clone, Chonda or Honda copy engines.

Honda import clone engine             imported chinese engine

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We Also supply standard replacement and new and used parts for Honda & Clone engines

We offer a range of standard replacement engine parts plus a range of high performance upgrade parts for Honda GX120, GX160 and GX200 stationary engines as well as new and used parts for the Chinese copy clone engines. We supply customers who use these engines on go karts and mini bikes plus customers who use them in commercial application to run pumps, saws, mining equipment and many other applications.

gokart racing honda twin engine

We have and supply customers world wide with our range of after market performance and stock parts that are used by go kart racers in single and twin engine endurance karts. We offer cost affective shipping and have supplied both new and used parts as well as specially designed exhaust systems for commercial applications


Clone engine fitted to an old school mini bike, the clone engine is a cheap alternative to the genuine Honda engine, the thing to remember is some clone engine use inferior parts.


Many performance engine upgrades and parts to dress up both Honda and Clone engines are available.


When it comes to petrol powered toys many of these backyard built fun machines are powered by small 4 stroke engines with centrifugal clutches, many of these parts are available from us.